Real-Time Diagnostics (Auto Identification Diagnosis & Alert)

AIDA Cardiovascular Series
AIDA Enteric Disease Series
AIDA Food Pathogen Series
AIDA Companion Diagnostics Series
AIDA Bio Pathogens & Toxins Series
AIDA Cancer Screen Series
Custom AIDA Vaccine Efficacy Devices

Tracking, Surveillance and Decision Support

Epidemic Tracking and Surveillance
Food Contamination Mapping
Sense and Respond Logistics Decision Support
Tamper Detection and Verification System
Container and Cargo Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Hold Security
Autonomous Perimeter and Border Surveillance

Visible Pathogen Detection Devices

Custom Chromogenic Sachets
Visible Healthcare Associated Infection Detection
Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Detection

Biometric Identfication and Tracking

Border Entry Credentialing
Employment Record Verification
Auto Identification Recognition


More information about Prognosys active and pending patents to be posted. To learn more about our applications and solutions, please contact us.

Intelligent Informatics

Client List

  • National Institutes of Health